Monday, October 24, 2011

Symptoms of blown head gaskets or cracked heads?

My 95 Acura Legend is overheating after 15-20 mins of 35-40 mph driving. Coolant Reservoir fills to top, gets VERY hot and bubbles over. Radiator fills with pressure and shoots out hot steam when I opened it. Changed out thermostat but didnt solve problem. Dealership said blown head gaskets but the car runs way too good. Its not smoking or anything. What is causing this? How can I tell if I have a blown head gaskets or cracked heads?? HELP!!!Symptoms of blown head gaskets or cracked heads?Blown head gaskets could cause these symptoms. Usually you will see either oil in the water or water in the oil. A compression check gives them a clue too. If your engine oil has any foam in it, then they are right. They are probably right anyway.

Take it in for a second opinion. Don't tell them what the first dealer said. If the second guy confirms it, then you will know.

But I will bet the dealer is right.

Good luck,

SiggySymptoms of blown head gaskets or cracked heads?it could also be your water pump is bad...Symptoms of blown head gaskets or cracked heads?You've about answered your own observing bubbles of air in the radiator. Sounds like it could be either,,,,head gasket or cracked block.