Monday, October 24, 2011

97 Civic lx, overheating.?

My car is overheating, I was goint to try changing the thermostat, and I have some questions.

1 how hard is it to do?

2. is that a good possibility, of causing the overheating?

3. if not thermostat, then what else, and is it hard to do as well?

Any info is appreciated, thank you97 Civic lx, overheating.?The thermostat is a easy and cheap place to start. Other things could be:

restricted flow of the coolant

water pump turbine erroding

cooling fans not coming on

low coolant

bad radiator97 Civic lx, overheating.?easy to do good chance thats what it is97 Civic lx, overheating.?Have your fan checked. I had a 92 civic that the radiator fan went bad on. It was electric not belt driven.