Monday, October 24, 2011

On average how long should an air unit run?

I live in a modular home and have had repairs done to the unit. It was icing up and a leak. That was fixed. The technician changed the thermostat to an updated honewell which displays the inside temp. I have the thermostat set on 89 because the inside is always 89 and I can't afford to set it at 78 or 80. Even on 89 it runs for hours. The inside displays 89 and the thermostat is set on 89, but it still does not cut off. What can I do?On average how long should an air unit run?You said the lines and have been checked, leaks fixed, and lines recharged. You have a new thermostat that I assume is set to %26quot;Auto%26quot; and not fan only. As a retired Manufactured Home dealer who has sold many AC units, I can tell you that those units will run practically non-stop on hot days. This does not sound A-Typical. I found that setting the thermostat to a comfortable level will not skyrocket your electrical bill. I did exactly what you are doing. I just found that setting it cooler did not make a substantial difference in the bill. Like you said, it runs for hours now already. If it is going to run, get some benefit from the $ you are spending and let it get you some cool air in the house.

Now, with that said, check to see what kind of air loss you are getting. Are your windows sealed and caulked. Are any windows open. (I know...I had to ask.) Are exhaust fans running? Is the blower on the furnace set to the right speed? (Yes, there are seperate blower speeds for heating and AC.)Are there large gaps in the doors. Be sure the marriage seams are caulked tight and sealed. Most of these are little things that can add up to a lot of loss.On average how long should an air unit run?Unplug it.On average how long should an air unit run?does cool air comeout of the vent? If you set it at 89, it shouldnt run all that long. are you sure you have it on auto and not fan only setting.On average how long should an air unit run?Check your inside coils for excessive dirt, make sure the on/auto switch is on Auto ( This cuts the fan off when the desired temp is reached, if left on the on position, the cooling unit WILL stop running, but fan will continue )On average how long should an air unit run?yea make sure the fan switch is on auto and not on. units should run at least 20 min to get the moisture out.. ive seen them run all day when the c/a return wasnt right.
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