Monday, October 24, 2011

My car Is Running Hot?

I CHANGED THE THERMOSTAT I PUT ON A NEW WATER PUMP MY RADIATOR IS NEW HOW I KNOW IF MY HEADS ARE CRACKED .wHEN I PUT A NEW RADIATOR CAP KNOW I HAVE TO GO ABOVE 30-35 AT A CONSTANT PACE IF I STOP FOR LIKE 10 MIN ITS GOING TO GET HOT BUT AS LOMG AS IM MOVING ITS STRAIGHTMy car Is Running Hot?check to see if your fan is working properlyMy car Is Running Hot?maybe you have a clogged hose or a blown head gasketMy car Is Running Hot?what?My car Is Running Hot?If you have an electric fan, it's probably not turning on when it should. It could be the fan, fuse, or temp sensor that makes it turn on. If you have an older car, it could be a fan belt, but that usually also turns the water pump that the fan is mounted to.My car Is Running Hot?I had a Bronco II one time..... I could see the hairline crack in the block of mine. Depending on the location of the crack as to if you can see it or not...... Good Luck!!My car Is Running Hot?loosen the cap might help but my chevy did that and it was low on antifreeze. Turn on the heater and see if you have good heat if not your low or have a air lock and have to bleed itMy car Is Running Hot?sounds like your radiator fan isn't working as you only need that when your moving slow or stopped. start your car and leave it run the fan should kick in when the car gets a little too hot, if it goes over the normal temperature without the fan kicking in its a fan problem. first thing is check the fuse, if not take off the fan and connect it to a battery if the fan spins (and be careful it spins fast) then your temperature sensor on the rad is faulty. the other thing is make sure you have enough coolantMy car Is Running Hot?Check your oil. If it is watery, then the heads have cracked. Have you checked the radiator (cooling) fan?My car Is Running Hot?have you tried adding water to your water reservoir if not this it can be a hose