Monday, October 24, 2011

1999 Saturn SL2?

I have a 1999 Saturn SL2 that loses radiator fluid and the heater doesn't heat up. I cant find where the water is leaving the system and it will go from cool (which will be steady for a while) to hot fast. I just changed the thermostat and the problem hasn't changed. How can I find what going on?1999 Saturn SL2?it is coming out somewhere. if its not on the ground then its going into the crank case or its going into the combustion chamber. over heating fast is a sign of possible headgasket1999 Saturn SL2?I'd take it to a shop and have a cooling system analysis performed. They will hook up a pressure tester to the system so you can easily determine the source of the leak. I had one the other day that took forever to leak (even under pressure) but it wound up being the water pump. We charge 25 dollars at my shop to test the system, so it might be well worth spending the money on a diagnosis even if you do the work yourself.1999 Saturn SL2?Well, We have some liquids to fix leakage! Just go to any automobile shop and ask for the Liquid for stopping leakage. I am sure, you have got the point!1999 Saturn SL2?change your radiator cap its leaking off going down the road you won't see it