Monday, September 19, 2011

Wiring a!?

I have a heat pump heating system and I decided to change my thermostat. My old thermostat had the yellow wire connected to both the yellow and white terminal. However, the new thermostat i bought only allows me to connect one wire to one terminal at a time, you can't wrap the wires around the terminals. So I could only connect the yellow wire to the yellow terminal but not the white terminal. Will I encounter any problems by doing this? How could I fix this? Is this dangerous?

Btw, The heating system is working fine.

Thanks for your help!Wiring a!?You did good, the new thermostat is also of a newer design. It may look the same physically, but internally it's a little different.The yellow and white terminals are connected together in a manner that is not visible to the naked eye.Therefore eliminating the need to connect a wire to both terminals. The proper terminology is they are connected by a jumper.Wiring a!?Yes, the directions should have several diagrams. If you're saying there's not a way to wrap the wire at all, you need to make a %26quot;jumper wire%26quot;, which is a short piece that will connect your white and yellow terminals together. Just take a short piece of that wire and expose the metal on both ends by about 1/4 inch. And no, this is not dangerous. The controls operate at a relatively low voltage (24v), so you shouldn't be able to electrocute yourself. Good luck!