Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bubbles in my overflow tank?

ok, my 95 maxima was overheating, i change the thermostat n radiator. for a while it was still overheating. but now it only overheat due to coolant lost in the overflow tank....sometime ago i ask about bubbbles in my ovrflow tank...the radiator was pushing coolant into my overfow tank and there was bubbles in it...everyone say its a headgasket prob. i went and got it pressure check an they cud not find no leak... SO WHAT ELSE COULD MAKE THE BUBBLES AND COOLANT GO TO MY OVERFLOW TANK?? can a faulty water pump do that? right now it runs fine. but its still pushing coolant in the overflow bottle but the bubbles are little less...i know its not the radiator or can i no for sure what causing these bubbles ??Bubbles in my overflow tank?It is a blown head gasket, there is a kit you can buy to detect carbon monoxide in the coolant.A pressure check might not find the problem.Bubbles in my overflow tank?are you sure it's not the cap? have you replaced it? The cap is what regulates the pressure in your cooling system. If the spring in the cap wears out or breaks, it would allow coolant back into your reservoir. Make sure if you buy a new cap, it has the right lb. rating (psi)