Thursday, September 22, 2011

1999 Sable-- No Heat?

Hi Everyone-We aren't getting any heat and we could hear a squealing noise. We just had a new radiator put in about 4 months ago and we keep checking it to make sure we have no leaks. The fluid was going down a little and we think we solved that problem by getting a new radiator cap. We live in Massachusetts and need the heat!! My question is--could it be a belt? Or maybe the water pump? Or just a thermostat? I guess i could take it to a service station and have them put it on a computer to find out, but--they charge so much and seeing xmas is right around the corner I am sort of strapped. I just had all new brakes put on and bought a new battery and also the radiator. Should we change the thermostat first and see if it's that? I'm so confused. My b/f will do the work although he isn't a mechanic but has helped others on their cars and he is pretty good. Any help will be very much appreciated and I will let Santa know how you tried to help me. HO HO HO. TYVM!!!!1999 Sable-- No Heat?The squealing is either the Serpentine Belt Tensioner or the Idler Pulley or a combination of the two. Given that this is a 99' Sable adn I've been bit by this one before I always recommend replacing both the complete tensioner assembly and the idler pulley at the same time. Both are highly prone to failure anyway.

That is not why your vehicle has no heat though.

Assuming your coolant level is good Sable's are also notorious for literally eating thermostats. On the very first really cold day of winter I will see in my shop on average 6-7 Taurus/Sable's that have thermostats that have either just failed or have literally fallen apart. This (along with the radiator cap) should have been replaced at the same time as the radiator. If your engine temperature guage is not rising quickly or not going up to normal operating temp that is a good indicator your T-stat is the problem.

A $60 coolant flush every other year would have prevented all of this.1999 Sable-- No Heat?I'd start with the thermostat, it's cheap enough to replace. But the squealing noise makes me think it's the water pump. Not so cheap or easy to replace.1999 Sable-- No Heat?you say you can hear a squealing noise,is it when you rev the engine,if it is when you rev the engine then the water pump has gone.but you would notice water coming out from under the engine.there are three possibilties for no heat (1) the sensor on the side of the engine block has gone(2) you have a airlock in your system that needs bleeding(3)like you said thermostat

hope this helps you1999 Sable-- No Heat?the squealing noise is from the belt slipping against the pulley or from the bearing on the pulley which is already kaputt.....try changing the belt or the pulley's bearing...1999 Sable-- No Heat?it my be a thermostat or the heat core my have air in it from the wen they changed the radiator but on a saab the themostat a job you want to do if you don't know what you are doing its only easy on some cars1999 Sable-- No Heat?Possible Bad Idler Pulley for the Belt Squeal?

Heater; Does the Car get up to Operating Temperature in a reasonable time? Do you have a Small Coolant Front Center of the Engine? (Possible Hoses %26amp; Clamps or water Pump). Possible Hot Water Control Valve for Heater! %26quot;Hot Water Control Valve %26amp; Thermostat are the Componants with the Least Cost and Easiest to Replace%26quot; Get some %26quot;Belt Dressing Spray%26quot; for Now.1999 Sable-- No Heat?I'd try changing your thermostat first ( don't go stock item ) then have your heater core flushed. I had the same problem on my 92 accord and went threw 5 chappies till i went to the dealer. the next month no heat..............flushed the heater NOW I'm toasty....LOL