Monday, September 19, 2011

How do you know the water pump on your car is gone out?

I broke down the other day and my top radiator hose popped of due to alot of pressure.I put it back on and seen the car wasn't running hot. I drove to the Gas station not even 2 min down the road and pulled over,right when I get into the gas it starts to rattle really loud!!But the car wasn't running hot at all.Now that I hav changed the thermostat its running hot and has a loud rattle going.I was told the water pump went out and the rattle was the bearing inside that broker lose and moving around.Please help,any advice I would greatly appericate.How do you know the water pump on your car is gone out?They may be right whoever told you that... Most time the water pump will leak also. but... If the hoses keep coming off whats building the pressure to pop it... Did you put the thermostat in correctly? I've had times when the thermostat I bought was bad to begin with... The rattle from the bearing would make sense too though so I'm going to assume that they are correct and you'll have to replace it...How do you know the water pump on your car is gone out?you should see coolant seeping from it. they have weep holes on top %26amp; bottom. also check that your fan is working properly.How do you know the water pump on your car is gone out?it will make a noise you will also have a water leak you should also have someone to check your thermastat could also have ratiator stoped up get some one to check all of that for you i hope i was able to help you linda1How do you know the water pump on your car is gone out?Usually, when a water pump 'goes out', two things can happen. 1) the seal fails (usually due to the second thing) and water drips or runs out the front. 2) the bearing goes out and you'll sometimes get some noise.

When the coolant goes out and gets low, the boiling can push the water to the top of the radiator like you saw. The system is really out of water and your sensor has no hot water on it and does not always read hot or overheated. Driving on can cause the crankshaft and connecting rod bearings to fail because the extreme over temp of your engine caused the lube oil to become too thin to provide adequate lubrication. Basically, you 'cooked' your engine.

What should have happened was to let the car sit until it cooled down completely, then add coolant back to the proper level after you did the hose repair. Start it and let it warm, then recheck the level of coolant, it will usually change and need more.How do you know the water pump on your car is gone out?I suspect a pocket of air is trapped in the upper portion of your cooling system.

When your radiator hose broke, you obviously lost most if not all of your coolant.

When the coolant was replaced, you now possibly have an air pocket inside your engine. There should be an air bleeder valve near the top of your engine cooling system.

Open this valve slightly to allow the trapped air to escape. Close the valve when coolant comes out of the valve. If no coolant comes out, add more coolant to the cooling system until coolant comes out of the bleeder valve. Then close the valve. Repeat this process after a few days.

Signs of a bad water pump.

Overheating obviously

Coolant leaking from the water pump.

With the engine off, see if you can rock the water pump pulley from side to side. If you can rock the pulley from side to side, the water pump bearings are worn out or damaged and the pump needs to be replaced.How do you know the water pump on your car is gone out?yes it is the water pump. change it and have the whole system flushed
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