Thursday, September 22, 2011

1996 mercury sable overheating?

I've got a 96 sable and it began to overheat on a trip to worlds of fun. i can only got about 20 city blocks before the temperature is topped out and the coolant begins to boil out. My neighbor (who is a mechanic) said its the thermostat, and since its a dual overhead cam, its going to cost around $300, money i don't have, working part time making minimum wage. I was just wondering if thermostat was the most logical answer to the problem and if so does anyone have instructions for how to change a thermostat on a DOHC. If this is relevant, since the car began overheating, my heater blows out only cold air.1996 mercury sable overheating?I think the problem is that the water pump is not circulating coolant, because you should have plenty of heat as long as hot coolant is being circulated into the heater core. Water pump vanes can corrode if you don't use de-ionized water. Keep in mind that I can't know this for sure. I think you can verify this by touching the top and bottom of the radiator when the engine has not been operated for long, but the coolant is very hot. Pick up a Chiltons or Haynes manual, and a set of basic tools, and you can do the job yourself.1996 mercury sable overheating?It going to required lots of removal of different parts to get to the themostat. I would call around for different labor price, your neighbor maybe be wanting to gouch you with $300.1996 mercury sable overheating?Is it your heater coil on the flywall?
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