Monday, September 19, 2011

How can we get our ac to auto shutoff?

Our ac in our 2bdrm apt keeps running. Thermostat is set on auto and temp is set at 75. The reading has been just below 80 and hasnt moved for most of the day. We have had the ac on all day and the temp on the thermostat doesnt move. So is this a thermostat problem or ac? It does feel nice and cool in the apt but the ac keeps running. The maintenance folks have changed the thermostat several times already.How can we get our ac to auto shutoff?Hmm, lets hash this out for a minute. The thermostat usually does 3 basic things. It is a thermometer that measures and displays the temperature, it is a simple switch set to activate by temperature changes and it is a relay that sends signals to another high current switch at the AC control unit.

My guess is that the maintenance folks smudged the last install, because the thermometer should move regardless of whether the on/off signals are sent to the AC. If the thermometer doesn't work, how can the switch activate to relay the signals to the AC?

My opinion is a faulty or uncalibrated temperature sensor / thermometer.

Hope this helpsHow can we get our ac to auto shutoff?Maybe the sensor is not functioning. If I were you, I will just buy a timer switch in which I can control the number of hours I preferred, since replacing the thermostat for several times or whole unit may not be practical. Timer switch is cheaper is most practical.How can we get our ac to auto shutoff?You may have a problem...remember heat the temp probably will never get that cool.

You may try putting a thermometer to see if the temp is what the thermostat says..if so then the the rising heat from the rest of the house is the problem.